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Extra wiring diagram added for Battery to Battery Chargers

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More circuit diagrams under alternators

Fitting a semi air suspension kit


This site is basically a set of photos taken throughout the work on our van (as and when we remembered to take any photos that is!). With an emphasis on the general ideas used to create our 'portable living accommodation'. The van has to earn its keep (as does anything we purchase), and therefore has to remain useful as a van. On that basis, everything has been made to be removable, the only exception has been the water boiler and pump on the inside, as we had to mount it through the wall of the van. The shower/toilet (the 'pod') has been built as one unit, as has the sink/cooker unit. They are lifted in and out of the van using a fork truck (well actually its a one ton dumper, with a fork truck mast mounted the opposite end to the load bucket - remember, everything has to earn its keep). The van is used as everyday transport, so an advantage of being able to remove the van contents is to reduce the van weight, thus save on fuel economy. The only thing that tends to remain in the vehicle is the bunk bed as its up on the wall and doesn't really encroach up on the load bay area. Under the vehicle are the water tanks and the reserve batteries.

May we apologise for the appalling quality of some of the photos. Our original digital camera is one of the early digital cameras and gave variable results, but as the site is more to do with the practicalities etc. of converting vans, we're sure your not going to worry too much about the aesthetics of the website.

Van type.
Peugeot Boxer 350 LH
(panel van, long wheel base, high top, on 16" wheel rims,)
Year of manufacture 1997
Kerb weight 1,895 Kgs
Gross vehicle weight 3,500 Kgs
Payload 1,605 Kgs
Overall length 5.51 Metres
Overall height (excluding roof lights etc.) 2.46 Metres
Overall width 2.0 Metres

Why a Peugeot?
We looked around for ages to find a suitably sized vehicle. I wanted another Mercedes as that was what I had been used too (307's), and driving for over the past decade or so. The only ones I could find were all low roof models or out side our budget (all Sprinters). All the Iveco's we looked at we all nails, probably because we couldn't find any in private hands, Transits also came in this category. We did find a few tidy twin wheeled vehicles, but discounted them as the twin wheels encroached in to the load bay far too much. Several weeks before Christmas 2000, I found our Peugeot at a dealership in Newport Gwent (we had been traveling well over 150 mile radius to look at vans, so 50 mile was a 'local' purchase). It was all clean, though the sliding door had been very expertly cosmetically repaired, I wouldn't have known, had it not been for tell tale marks on the inside of the door. The van had been used by a clothing firm for deliveries. The lack of a hard life on the boarding in the back, backed up what the rep said. It also came with a full wad of service reports. One of the things I was told to look out for was the failure of heater matrix's, I was pleased to find a sheet detailing its replacement. After haggling down the price, then a full tank of diesel my brother drove it home for us.

Very small print department 

If you notice anything on this site that you would like to comment about, do get in touch as there are various aspects of my work and life style not everyone understands. After all, its only polite and courteous to air your views with me on a personal basis.


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