Some of the items on this page may seem a bit strange if you have not read the Introduction page!

As seen above we didn't go for the normal motorhome conversion windows! However we did fit an OEM window and it's special mounting rubber to the sliding door. Unfortunately we found out the sliding door window was made from toughened glass the hard way :o(, as our friend who is an automotive window fitter was making some final adjustments as he had done many times with his fist.... clink, instant frosted glass. That little experience just doubled the price of our sliding door glass from about £90. Either side the door we fitted two porthole style windows (using laminated glass), and fitted the rubber beading on the inside to make it more difficult to remove the glass. The other side the vehicle we fitted another porthole behind the drivers seat (as this side, behind the passenger seat). In the longer panel we fitted a long window which can just be seen through the sliding door. The windows on the drivers side are up high, otherwise they would be covered over with the bunk-bed.

There are still bits to finish of like cupboard doors over the cab, under the seats, beading work around the interior roof. But over time they will all get done.

Below is a couple of interior views, however you'll find many more as you explore this site.

OEM Van information

Below I have pasted some OEM details of my base vehicle, which may help others.
I can't remember where it came from, but if someone knows, please let me know to acknowledge their copy-write if any.

Peugeot Boxer (Old) 350L 2.5tDi h/r Body Type: Panel 
This Vehicle Ceased Production In January 2001 and replaced March 2002 
Peugeot Boxer (Old) £12,060 - £19,100 

Summery Features

Basic Price: † £18,795
VAT: † £3,289
Total Price: † £22,084
Insurance Group:† 18D T2
Cost Per Mile: †
Deprecation V1: †
Deprecation V2: †
Delivery Charge: † £489 Warranty: † 36/60/6
Extended Cover: † Opt Dealers:† 52
Servicing: † 6
Chassis Cab: † £17,125
Price List Date: † Jan 2000 Guide Lease Price:††

Rear Doors: † 2
Door Opening: † 180
Side Load Door: † S
Safety & Security: † G(C)
Interior Partition: † PB (F£223)
Seats: † C(V),R,H,T
Head Restraints: † 3
Total No Of Seats: †
Total No Of Seatbelts: †
Safety Rating: †
12v Power Socket: † Yes
Lidded Glove box: † Yes
Radio/Cassette: † RC
Wiper Speeds: † 2+i
Rear Wash/Wipe:† No
Heated Rear Window: † £115 † †
Technical Dimensions

Engine: cyl/cc: † 4/2446
Engine Type: † tDi
Bhp @ rpm:† 110/4000
Lb/ft @ rpm:† 173/2250
Engine/Drive: † FF
Gearbox: † 5
Automatic: †
No Power Steering: † Yes
Brakes:† S/vDi/Dr
Anti-lock: † £630
Tyres:† 205/75x16

Overall Length (mm): † 5005
Overall Width (mm): † 1998
Overall Height (mm): † 2475
Wheelbase (mm): † 3700
Turning Circle (m): † 13.7k/14.3
Loading Height (mm): †550
Rear Door Height (mm):† 1760
Rear Door Width (mm):† 1560
Load Height (mm): † 1880
Load Length (mm): † 3360
Min Load Width (mm):† 1385
Max Load Width (mm):† 1805
Load Volume(M3): † 12.0
Gross Payload (Kg): † 1575
Gross Vehicle Weight (Kg):† 3500
Kerb Weight (Kg): † 1925
Towing Limit (Kg): † 1600
Tank (litres/gallons): † 80/17.6

Peugeot dealers were waiting for the old Talbot Express replacement for some time and when Boxer arrived, they were not disappointed.

The Boxer range is extensive, offering a host of different combinations, including minibuses. There are five engines ó 1.9-litre petrol, 1.9D, 1.9TD, 2.5D and the latest generation common rail 2.8HDi ó standard, high and extra high roof options are available, and wheelbases stretch to three; short, medium and long.

Along with its Sevel brothers, the CitroŽn Relay and Fiat Ducato, Boxer was worth the wait. The petrol engine is up to the job ó mainly for motor caravans ó and the 1.9-litre and 2.5 diesels are all well known already but the 2.8-litre HDi common rail is new; it produces 127 bhp and develops a mouth watering 221 lb/ft of torque. All the diesels are good ó and refined ó it just depends how much power you're after. The HDi is superb.

The cab is comfortable and very user-friendly, especially the dash-mounted gear-stick, a feature common to all the Sevel vans. It has a conventional shift pattern and is sited right next to the steering wheel. It leaves the floor clear for sliding across while avoiding the baulkiness of a column shift. The best of both worlds.

Access to the load bay is good thanks to low sills at the side and rear. The wheel arches do intrude but no more than in any other similar van.

Warranty is three-years as standard and as far as fuel consumption goes, the 270S 1.9D we tested returned an average of 28mpg.

VERDICT Boxer has undergone a mid-term update along with Relay and Ducato. The cab now has a much fresher feel but mechanically it's the same.




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