The links below are useful sites for anyone interested in Motorhome, Campervan (what ever you wish to call them) conversions

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Click Here An online store for motorhome, caravanning and camping equipment from an experienced motorhome user with lots of self build experience.

Free site for lots of general motorhome chat - Still young but will grow.
  • Corte Cottage, a relaxed, tranquil and comfortable place to stay in the Welsh Borders
    Over time this site will get more resourceful
    Car and deep cycle battery FAQ site connected with
    Sites for general Motorhome chat - read on the web, or have messages emailed to you
    Useful motorhome site with lots of information 
    Stephen Stewart's Unimog motorhome site
    This is my type of motorhome!
    Caravan and Motorhome books
    The site promotes its own books, however there is a lots of very useful information on the site. Well worth a visit.

    Self Builders Motor Caravan Club (SBMCC)

    Site for discussion and swapping ideas of self build motorhomes
    Caravanninglinks.. Find Camping and Caravanning Dealers, Manufacturers, Accessories, Equipment, Clubs, Sites, Information, Discounted Books and Magazine Subscriptions, related websites, many other useful links and much more..

    Lime search - banner free searches -

    Local UK - Find businesses, shops, services anywhere across the UK.

    Touring and Tenting
    An interactive website for all caravanners and campers,
    includes an active forum, photo gallery,
    and specialist campsite directories.

    Enthusiast with some different ideas on motorhomes/campervans

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